CVMA Long Range Riding Platoon - Finish the Mission!

Purpose: The mission of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA) Long Range Riding Platoon (LRRP) is to foster camaraderie and understanding amongst the members within the Association through the member’s riding to attend sanctioned events outside the borders of their home state. LRRP is not designed as a method to segregate members from one another. Additionally, the LRRP program is meant to encourage members to break through their personal riding barriers and to not be afraid to reach out and put some hard earned miles on their motorcycles. As with any CVMA sanctioned ride, safety is paramount and it is incumbent on the rider to come to the event prepared, and ready for the rigors of the event. The LRRP is strictly voluntary and is open to all CVMA members who successfully complete the requirements for the wear of the National LRRP patch.

Patch: The CVMA National LRRP award shall be a patch in the shape of a military guidon. The color of the patch shall be Black and Gold with a Red border. The lettering will be Black for the “Combat Veterans Long Range Riding Platoon and “LRRP” on the patch. The Motorcycle is centered. The size of the patch will be about 4” by 2”. To display completions; a year participation tab will be awarded. Each tab will have the year of the award and the type of ride (Finish the Mission or Tri-State) completed. It is intended to be placed at the bottom of the LRRP guidon patch.

Recognition: Each member who completes the National LRRP requirements shall be authorized to purchase and wear the LRRP Guidon. This patch recognizes individuals from the Association of their long distance riding accomplishments. Each awardee shall be entitled to continue to wear this award regardless of their Chapter affiliation as a showing of their accomplishments to others CVMA chapters. The National Treasurer will list the award of the LRRP patch and all tabs as awarded in the individual(s) 201 file.

Qualifications: To be eligible to purchase the National LRRP patch you must be a CVMA Member and meet ONE of the following criteria within a calendar year:

  1. Finish the Mission!: Ride to & from an out-of-state CVMA National Meeting. The member must ride 1,000 miles or farther within 24 hours to qualify for Finish the Mission!


   2. Tri-State: Ride to & from three out-of-state sanctioned CVMA events (Regional or State Sanctioned          Events) within one calendar year. All out of State rides (except National meeting) must be no less         than one hundred (100) miles one way, and must be to three different states. 

THIS INCLUDES MEMBER PASSENGERS WHO MEET THE ABOVE REQUIREMENTS. Member riders and/or passengers SHALL adhere to ALL of the following requirements:

These qualification requirements are very demanding. However, this is necessary to ensure that all members who wish to join the LRRP have completed all requirements associated with it. Since riding motorcycles is a key portion of the overall CVMA mission, hauling your motorcycle to events is not permitted for the events used to qualify for the LRRP patch. The only mode of transportation allowed for the LRRP is riding the motorcycle BOTH ways. 

REMINDER: Normal weekly rides, monthly meetings or daily travel does not constitute entrance into the LRRP. It must be a specific trip to attend an official out of state CVMA sanctioned event.

  1. Complete an LRRP application. The Application MUST be verified by the State Rep and Region Rep and approved by the National Treasurer.

  2. Provide proof of ride via a sign in sheet.

  3. Event entered on your 201 file.

Fees: All monies collected by the rider/passenger for the LRRP will go towards a charity of the riders/passengers choosing to be donated immediately upon completion/collection of the donated funds.

  1. There will be a $25 application fee that will pay for patches associated with completion of the event. Prior LRRP members must still pay the full $25 registration fee. The member then has the option to receive a full set of patches, or the member can choose to only receive the tab for the event and the remainder of the fee goes to charity.

  2. Additional patch sets cost $20. Prior LRRP members must still pay the full $20 additional patch set fee. The member then has the option to receive a full set of patches, or the member can choose to only receive the tab for the event and the remainder of the fee goes to charity.


For any questions or inquiries your COC can not answer, contact Charles "Canuck" Peloquin, National Treasurer (


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